Curried black lentil & sweet potato burger

Black lentil, puy lentil or red lentil, it wont make much difference which one makes its way into your recipe as the outcome should be the same, the most amazing burger you've ever had in your life!

Using my 5 Steps to the perfect meat free burger format (which is yet to let me down) I set about building this beauty & was thrilled that the sweet potato & lentil tag team worked so well.

So I figured I would share it with you all 👱🏻

Raspberry Chia Pudding!

Raspberry Chia Pudding!

Nothing beats a cold breakfast on a hot summers morning right? Well if your breakfast tasted as good as this you would certainly agree. In fact, this little Chia pudding tastes so good it can easily be used as a dessert or mid afternoon snack.

Shout out goes to the awesome guys at The Happy Pear for the inspiration on this recipe, check out their amazing new book or get in your car and drive to Greystones and enjoy their incredible little eatery. You won't regret it.

Make this in a jar the night before you plan on eating & eat easily on the go on the way to work