I am a personal trainer, bootcamp leader, and lifelong vegetarian, living and working in Belfast.

Hi, I'm Gary Milligan, and welcome to fitnessbelfast.com.

I've been working as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor for over 8 years, and here on fitnessbelfast.com youโ€™ll find information on my different Personal Training and Coaching services, information on my Kickstart Bootcamp sessions, my plant based food and lifestyle blog as well as just a sprinkling of some of my other passions in life likeโ€ฆ pro wrestlingโ€ฆ

Fitness and food are my passions, let me use them to help you achieve your goals - get in touch.

Personal Training

Using a mix of one-to-one training, nutrition advice & group sessions, training with me isn't a template, it's tailored to your goals and needs.

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Fitness Belfast Hall of Fame

My hall of famers are real people with real lives, and real goals, who have worked with me to reach them, and live healthier, more positive lifestyles. CHECK EM OUT!


Utilising a unique mix of classic circuit calisthenics, mixed with more modern resistance band and suspension training, Kickstart Bootcamp is 60 minutes of feel good interval training, perfect for any fitness level - from novice, to experienced #BootcampSuperstar.

Indoor & Outdoor Kickstart Bootcamps run throughout the year - click here for more, or keep an eye on my Facebook Events feed to sign up


Some thoughts FROM ME on fitness, personal training, food, recipe ideas and sometimes more...

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