Welcome to BroFlo - Yoga for Guys

BroFlo is Vinyasa styled yoga, designed for guys curious about developing a regular yoga practice, but who might be unsure or overwhelmed with where to start.

I developed the BroFlo programme to create a community that introduced guys of all ages & abilities to the immense physical and mental benefits a regular yoga practice has brought me. I hope by practicing regularly with me, you too can experience these benefits and feel confident and capable to practice whenever and with whoever you like. This is only the beginning.

BroFlo will place accessible and challenging yoga poses in breath led sequences developed to build strength in body and calmness and clarity of the mind.

I'm currently taking sign ups for a twice a week, 8 week BroFlo programme in the Studio, Club Vitae @ Clayton Hotel, Ormeau Avenue.

Wednesday’s @ 7.15pm - 8.30pm: 21, 28 March; 4, 11, 18, 25 April; 2, 9 May
Saturday’s 10am - 11.15am: 24, 31 March; 7, 14, 21, 28 April; (Sunday) 6, 12 May

Once a week (8 sessions) for £60, and twice a week (16 sessions) for £100.

BroFlo is perfect for those seeking to:

  • Increase flexibility and range of movement for sport
  • Improve technique and whole body awareness
  • Increase core strength and control
  • Release pain and stress
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Improve breath control
  • Feel grounded and more balanced
  • Enjoy clarity and stillness in the mind
BroFlo - Yoga for Guys: March - May 2018
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BroFlo Gift Vouchers

Got a partner, friend, Brother, Dad, Grandad, Uncle you feel may benefit from a little BroFlo in their life? Why not give them the gift of some yoga this festive season?

This voucher covers 2 x 75 minute sessions per week for 8 weeks! 

Here’s a little bit more on what BroFlo is all about:


Hustle, Loyalty and Respect
Honour the deep rooted tradition of Vinyasa yoga with simple breath led and strength building sequences.

Back for The Future
The lower back can carry the burden and stresses of our work life balance, lets prepare it to carry us with strength and confidence.

Take to the shoulder stand
Use the breath to open and strengthen tight shoulders whilst focusing and motivating distracted minds in preparation for shoulder stands.

Bend it like Beckham
Experience increased range of motion through the chest and back with this class focused on accessible yet strength building chest opening sequences.

Suns out guns out
Challenge your body by combining breath led sun salutations and challenging arm balances.

Your hips won't lie
Many say your hips are the gateway to your performance, lets open and strengthen them to encourage a body built for quality of everyday life.

Fast and Furious
Time to piece what we’ve practiced so far into faster more mentally challenging sequences that promote that all important breath movement connection and allow us to experience that yoga flame.

Down for the 10 count
Let's finish by experiencing the techniques required to pre-habilitate a tight body by unleashing the immense physical and mental benefits of taking things slow.


Solo BroFlo

For anyone wanting to get a taster of BroFlo on your own, at home, at the gym, on your holidays... wherever... I'll be posting some videos here - follow along and let me know how you get on

Fitness Belfast BroFlo - Yoga for Guys - Episode 1: Beginning to Flo