5 of my faves for World Vegetarian Day 2017!

So apparently today (Sunday 1st October) is World Vegetarian Day - sandwiched between International Coffee Day last week, and Global Handwashing Day in a few weeks - who knew!

I was a really fussy eater as a kid, and I didn’t really eat anything other than rice, peanut butter, and white bread until I started cooking for myself and branching out a bit in my twenties, and so I’ve always been a vegetarian, and more recently, vegan.

I love talking about food and sharing recipes, and I’ve found that the common theme with my clients is that they are looking for more variety, healthier, quicker, tasty meal ideas - whether they are veggie/vegan like me or not.

So - in honour of World Vegetarian Day 2017 - here are five of my favourites - from morning to evening, plus a wee treat - let me know what you think!

Fitness Belfast's Super Speedy Super Simple Overnight Oats

A quick video demo on how to prepare #overnightoats for breakfast before you hit the pillow in the evenings. Only takes a minute and so renders all the excuses about lack of time in the mornings useless....!

Roasted Kale, red pepper & mixed seed salad

Roasted Kale, red pepper & mixed seed salad as part of my dinner this evening. Super simple to prepare & really tasty.

5 simple steps to building the best meat free burger

Burgers generally get a bad rap, even the word conjures up images in my mind of all too sloppy and super unhealthy fast food or even the disguising fall apart versions offered up by legendary 90s Comedy duo Kenan and Kel in the movie Good Burger, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

This is a hopefully simple, step-by-step guide to building the best, perfectly healthy, meat free burger, as an alternative to the obvious or as a stable of a meat free lifestyle.

Big Brian’s Spinach and Chickpea Curry with Sticky Jasmine Rice

My dad makes a mean spinach and chickpea curry for his only veggie son at all our family get-togethers. Sometimes I try and copy it and this is the closest I’ve come to getting it right.

For those interested, this is a vegan friendly, veggie, and gluten free recipe.

Peanut butter & chocolate protein balls ready in 5 minutes!

These little balls of love are stacked full of protein & even a novice with the right ingredients could roll them together in under 5 minutes.