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BroFlo Yoga for Guys Online Programme

  • Before starting this (or any exercise programme), if you have any concerns about your overall fitness, you should consult your GP (or other medical professional - Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist etc). This is particularly important if you are returning from illness, a break in exercise, if you are pregnant, taking medication, have low or high blood pressure, or have any other existing medical condition or injuries.

  • In this programme, as with any exercise programme, if any movement doesn't feel right, take a break and/or skip poses or sequences that are not suitable for you. If you feel dizzy, light-headed, faint, or if you experience any other discomfort, STOP immediately and rest, consulting medical advice if the symptoms don’t pass.

  • The full BroFlo Yoga for Guys Online episodes include warm ups and cool downs, however, some of the shorter classes and Greatest Hits Tour posture demonstrations might not. You know your own body – always include extra warm ups and cool downs where needed to avoid injuries.

  • If you buy the BroFlo Yoga for Guys Online programme, you’ll have agreed to use it responsibly and fairly, and that includes not sharing it with others who will not have had the opportunity to fully understand it, it’s use, and agree to the terms & conditions.

  • There are no returns or refunds for digital products, such as online programmes, eBooks, or other multimedia. If you are unable to access your digital product, please notify us via email for assistance.

Cancellations & refund policy

Courses - Cancellations before the start date of a course

From the date of purchase, until one day before the course is started, if you change your mind or for any other reason you decide you do not want to enrol on a course, you can notify us via email of your decision to cancel, and receive a refund of the price you paid when booking. 

We will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 10 calendar days of the day on which you gave us notice of cancellation.

Courses - Cancellations after starting a course

Refunds will not be payable after a course has been started.

Personal Training - Cancellations of booked Personal Training sessions

Personal Training sessions will be booked at a mutually agreed time, and any changes to this should be made at least 24 hours before the session is due to start. Any no shows, or cancellations within 24 hours of a booked session will incur the full session charge.

Online programmes

There are no returns or refunds for digital products, such as online programmes, eBooks, or other multimedia. If you are unable to access your digital product, please notify us via email for assistance.

Changes & cancellations by us

In the unlikely event that it is necessary to change/cancel course dates and/or venues, we will make every effort to transfer your booking to an alternative time or venue, ensuring all sessions are delivered. It should be noted that we will not be held liable for any costs/losses incurred as a result of any such changes.

We reserve the right to remove from any course, clients that fail to comply with its standard practices and procedures. We reserve the right to refuse enrolments and/or suggest alternative arrangements if we believe that it will not be in our best interests of other participants and/or the individual concerned to be enrolled on one of our courses.


Vouchers may by used as full or part payment for most purchases from Fitness Belfast, and any refunds for goods or services purchased by vouchers will be given in vouchers.

Purchase of vouchers does not guarantee acceptance as a Fitness Belfast client - this could be subject to physical readiness questionnaire, availability, consultation, or other appropriate terms.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Unfortunately, no exchange or refund for vouchers is possible.

Terms of Service

By purchasing Fitness Belfast Kickstart Bootcamp, BroFlo, Personal Training or other sessions, you are becoming a client of Fitness Belfast, and you enter into a contract. This contract confirms that you have disclosed any relevant information regarding your ability to participate in the sessions, and agreed to pay the relevant fees.

You are kindly reminded not to take any exercise beyond your personal range of ability, as advised by the instructor, or by any relevant medical professional, and the instructor cannot be held responsible for any harm that may arise to anyone who ignores this advice.

Fitness Belfast reserves the right to refuse clients for any reason, and this will be communicated to the client at the earliest possible stage, and if relevant, refunds issued.

Courses include the stated number of sessions at point of purchase, taking place on the dates and at the times stated. No refunds or credit will be issued for sessions missed. Personal Training sessions must be used within one year of purchase.

Payment of the course fees covers all sessions stated. Should a course be cancelled because of shortage of participants you will be offered a place on an alternative course or a full refund of fees paid.

All course bookings & payments are subject to availability and should a course be oversubscribed, you will be offered a place on an alternative course or a full refund of fees paid.

Clients are liable for any bank charges incurred in payment of fees.


If you have a complaint about any products or services provided by Fitness Belfast please contact us via email and you will be contacted within 5 working days (excepting periods of closure, normally Christmas.)

We will investigate your complaint and aim to provide a satisfactory way forward within a further 10 working days, subject to the limits outlined in these terms and conditions.

Rights and responsibilities of Fitness Belfast

Fitness Belfast site content is provided ‘as is’, and with no warranty express or implied. Reviews and all our other content are offered as our opinion only. We understand that as a client of Fitness Belfast you expect the website to be on-line and available at all times. However, we can make no guarantees as to the ‘up time’ of the site as this is beyond our control. For example, routing, server, Internet, hardware and software problems completely beyond our control may occur. We host with a commercial company that guarantees (to us) 99.9%+ up time in order to minimise down time but accept no responsibility if the site goes off-line and it is not our fault.


Personal Information

Clients of Fitness Belfast should provide an accurate contact telephone number and e-mail address. Your details will not be used for any purpose other than the efficient and effective running of Fitness Belfast.

Clients of Fitness Belfast should provide an accurate account (via the online questionnaire at point of purchase) of their abilities and any other information relevant to their readiness to commence exercise. These details will not be used for any purpose other than the efficient and effective running of Fitness Belfast.

The majority of correspondence with and from Fitness Belfast is conducted electronically using e-mail and web-based protocols. Your details will be used for the efficient and effective running of Fitness Belfast for the duration of your custom. If you have consented to cookies & mailing list marketing, your details will be used for these purposes until 'unsubscribed'. Your details will not be passed to any third party (online newsletters etc) without your permission, unless requested by law or a similar authority.

Fitness Belfast abides by the Data Protection Act & GDPR.

Fitness Belfast & My PT Hub

In managing my Personal Training clients, I use a third party online & mobile app called My PT Hub, which allows me to create customised training programmes and track progress, as well as manage session scheduling and payments.

Clients are ‘invited’ by me via email to use My PT Hub, and from there if they agree with the terms of use of PT Hub, they set up their own My PT Hub account. For further information on these My PT Hub Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Cookie Policy, Subscription Services Agreement, GDPR and other My PT Hub ‘House Rules’, please see