World Mental Health Day 2017 and Yoga

I’m pretty vocal (to anyone that will listen lol) that enjoying a regular yoga practice has had a profound affect (is it affect or effect?) on my mental health. 

The regular ritual of moving and breathing seems to ground me, and leave me with a sense of physical and mental wellbeing that I am keen to share with as many people as possible through my teaching at Flow, and with BroFlo - Yoga For Guys. 

If you're new to Yoga, or are just keen to keep reading, then here’s a few reasons that I think a regular yoga practice could help you:

1 - Yoga keeps you supple like a ninja and who doesn't wanna feel like a ninja

Whether it’s shifting between shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, trying to beat a traffic warden to your car seconds before that ticket runs out, or simple snatch & grab technique to steal some chips from your partners plate, a regular yoga practice could definitely help.

2 - Yoga could help you meet some awesome new people

You know who are a jolly happy bunch? Yogis! Bask in their presence regularly and you too could feel that yoga glow and perhaps meet a few awesome like minded folk in the process.

3 - Yoga could help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety

Pranayama, the breathing exercises used throughout a balanced yoga practice can feel a little awkward to begin with. Stick with it however, and you could be breathing like Darth Vader and clearing feelings of stress or anxiety, with the deeply grounding feeling that comes with exploring your own breath. 

4 - Yoga helps remove physical pain

Whether it’s poor posture from habits formed at work, or mental anguish manifesting as physical pain, yoga has you covered. By focusing on strengthening and creating space in the spine, yoga can help build a body that can cope with demands of every day tasks – like carrying your shopping home from Lidl – whilst still leaving you with all the flexibility you need to go jiving on the weekends.

5 - Yoga can increase confidence

Each and every time you step onto your mat you are likely to bring a little physical strain or anguish along for the ride. Practice regularly and yoga could help remove this wasteful baggage, leaving you feeling a little more comfortable in your own skin. Allow yoga to become a part of your lifestyle and watch how this acceptance of whats what breeds increased feelings of self efficacy, improves confidence and ultimately brings a smile when there may not have been one.

Celebrate World Mental Health Day & give Yoga a go!