Vegan Lunchbox Inspo

Save time, save the stress of queuing at your fave Belfast vegan hotspot, and most importantly save money, with these simple DIY vegan lunchbox ideas that compliment a busy foodie lifestyle.

Useful tip: If you are actually using a lunchbox to store your veggie lunch then make sure its click and seal, I once jogged to work with a backpack filled with lunchboxes only to realise halfway to work that they had all fallen out and a seagull was eating my lunch on Annadale Embankment…

Vegetable Wrap

Great for food on the go: M&S superfood wraps

Great for food on the go: M&S superfood wraps

M&S have an awesome new range of spinach and beetroot wraps that hold packed fillings together like an experienced boojum burrito roller. Why not give them a go with a few simple fillings liiiiike…

  • Houmous & roast veggies - whatever you have in the fridge, chopped up, in the oven & wrapped with a dollop of your fave houmous

  • Roasted kale, falafel & veganaise - add a bit of nutritional yeast to the roasted kale for a little extra something something

  • Harissa spiced chickpeas & smashed avocado - chickpeas are my cupboard staple and they should be yours too!

Couscous salad bowl

Couscous is a super quick, super cheap, super versatile grain and an easy to way to pack a lot of veggies into your 60 minute lunchbox - getting you well on your way to exceeding the recommended 5 portions of veggies per day.

Heres a few simple ideas you may enjoy:

  • Couscous, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, chickpeas and vegan pesto

  • Couscous, spinach and grated carrot, topped with roasted almonds and an agave and lemon dressing

  • Couscous with fried garlic, soy broccoli, and topped with pine nuts


Perhaps the easiest way to batch cook your plant based lunches is to make a big pot of soup and store its contents to last a few days. You can carry your portions to work in a trusty lunchbox to heat later, or invest in a quality flask so that your lunch can be ready to go in minimal time as you race back to work after your lunchtime yoga at Flow studio.

Here are a few simple ideas you may enjoy:

  • Sweet potato and peanut butter - I’M SERIOUS! Try it!

  • Roast tomato, carrot and orzo pasta

  • Butternut squash, and kale topped with roasted chick peas

An old fave - The Sandwich

Sometimes theres nothing better than a simple sandwich!

They’re ready in seconds, easy to prepare and hugely comforting. Personally I absolutely love bread (my fave is Burgen Soya & Linseed) and (allergies aside) I’ve never fully understood why people are so fearful of eating it. Pack it full of veggies and munch in I say!

Here are a few simple sandwich ideas you may enjoy:

  • Tahini, grated carrot, and avocado

  • Vegan cheese, chutney and spinach

  • Roast red pepper, harissa and scrambled tofu

The ideas listed here are the perfect way for us all too add a little extra veggies to our day wether vegan, veggie, pesciterian, meat eater or flexiterian. If we all just make a few adjustments to eat some more veg, EVERYONE WINS. 


Header photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash