I ♥ Exercising Outdoors! Part Two...

Even as Summer draws to a close there’s just something awesome about being outside in the park & having a productive, fun workout.

I find the combination of fresh air, nice scenery and the change of pace from the gym does wonders for my mental health, that’s why I’ve shifted all my Personal Training and classes to the park two evenings per week this summer & I intend to stay here at least until October.

I think you should give it a try, it doesn’t have to be particularly strenuous, simple circuits of 3-5 exercises completed 2-3 times at a pace that suits you is a great place to start.

For the sake of variety a great piece of kit to invest in are TRX training or KO8 fitness or similar suspension trainers which can easily be attached to trees, swings, park benches etc

Decathlon Belfast even have an awesome budget range for less than £20 which I use in this post.

Here’s a simple 5 station circuit to get you started.

If you would like more info on Personal Training with me, on how you could get involved in my indoor or outdoor classes check out Kickstart Bootcamp, BroFlo Yoga for Guys, or just get in touch.

🌲 + 🍁 + 💪 + 🙏 = 😃