BroFlo Yoga For Guys Online – some FAQ's!

I get asked questions about BroFlo - Yoga For Guys, and BroFlo - Yoga For Guys Online A LOT! In the gym, via email, text, DM… someone even asked me in LIDL the other day! 😂

Here’s a bit of a medley of the most asked, but if your burning question isn’t here, just shout!

Question 1: I’m not very flexible, can I still use BroFlo Online?

Of course!

One of the awesome benefits of practicing regularly is increased flexibility, so you don’t have to be a Dhalsim from Street Fighter to just get started. Classes are progressive, and start with the basics. Once you’ve got those down, you can take it up a notch or two from there at your own speed.

Question 2: Is BroFlo Online really just for guys?

I started BroFlo Yoga for Guys, not to exclude anyone, but because I believe in the physical & mental health benefits yoga can provide, but kept seeing men just not getting involved. I wanted guys to experience the very many benefits of yoga, so that they feel confident & capable to practice wherever and whenever they like. Some myths needed busting, in an environment that was much less typically ‘yogi’.

Three years on & going from strength to strength, award winning BroFlo Yoga for Guys is launching as an online programme – a super fun intro to yoga for ANY BEGINNER, and almost half those who have purchased so far have been women! 😂

So no, it’s not really just for guys!

Question 3: Is BroFlo Online suitable for someone with low back issues?

I am confident that gaining more control of your spine, in all it’s planes of movement, will have a positive impact on all those who use the programme – including those with low back issues. The Back For The Future practice in particular is great for releasing everyday stress and strains in the low back.

BUT it depends! If you have longterm low back issues, regularly encounter sharp shooting pains, or feel like you’ve put a sudden strain on the area, then it is a MUST to make your GP or Physiotherapist aware of your symptoms, and/or get their advice on starting this (or any other) exercise programme.

Question 4: How long will I be able to use BroFlo Online?

Once you purchase the BroFlo Online content, it will be available to you FOREVER (or for at least 5 years / as long as the internet exists 🙃).

Question 5: Could BroFlo Online help me lose weight?

It could absolutely help! If you accompany a regular BroFlo Online practice with good food, and an appropriate calorie intake for weight loss, then I am confident it could greatly compliment your weight loss goals.

Ready? Let’s Go!

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