BroFlo - Busting Your Yoga Myths!

I started BroFlo Yoga for Guys because I believe in the physical & mental health benefits yoga can provide, but kept seeing men just not getting involved. It’s changing, but here’s some of the myths I still hear often… you can pass them on to anyone who might need some myth busting!

BroFlo Yoga Myths Busted Myth 1 I Can't Do Yoga Because I'm Not Flexible Fitness Belfast.png

Myth 1: "I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible"

Lack of flexibility is exactly the reason you should give BroFlo a try!

Think about it like this, you start lifting weights to get stronger, you start dieting to lose weight and you start running the roads to train for a marathon so why not try BroFlo to improve flexibility?

At BroFlo your level of flexibility is of little importance, what matters is that you enjoy the postures and sequences in a way that feels good in your body. All postures at BroFlo are easily adapted to suit you, wherever you might be on your yoga journey.

BroFlo Yoga Myths Busted Myth 2 Yoga is just stretching Fitness Belfast.png

Myth 2: "Sure yoga is just stretching"

OK so yes, some of what we enjoy at BroFlo is passive lengthening of the muscle that most folk call stretching (and it feels awesome), however it ain’t the full picture.

BroFlo combines more active engagement of the muscles and isometric or static strengthening postures as well. It can help increase strength for sport or everyday activities and improve balance and coordination to help avoid injury.

BroFlo classes combine many different facets of physical fitness, from strength, endurance, core stability, balance, mobility, functional movement, effective breathing and of course stretching.

Myth 3: "Yoga is too spiritual or religious"

The term yoga can refer commonly to a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices, but you can easily just focus on the physical at the beginning or indeed throughout your yoga journey.

At BroFlo we mainly focus on physical postures and compliment them with deeply grounding and controlled breathing.

BroFlo is designed specifically for guys new to yoga and who may well be intimidated or overwhelmed with the more spiritual themes that may popularise other forms of yoga.

BroFlo Yoga Myths Busted Myth 4 You can't build muscle with yoga Fitness Belfast.png

Myth 4: "You can’t build muscle with yoga!"

Building muscle is the result of a combination of many key factors like appropriate strength training, diet, rest and mindset - and BroFlo really excels as an indirect method of muscle growth.

It can help release tension in the muscles, decrease the likelihood of injury and increase flexibility all of which could help contribute to a more effective and sustainable muscle building programme.

More intense practices can even help build a lot of muscular tension and strength which are key in the muscle building process. It’s true that a more passive and meditative practice will not directly contribute greatly to the muscle building process, however BroFlo combines the immense physical and mental benefits of this style with the more intense and engaging style required to assist in building muscle.

BroFlo Yoga Myths Busted Myth 5 I can't do youa because my lower back is sore Fitness Belfast.png

Myth 5: "I can’t do yoga because my lower back is sore!"

Pain in the lower back could be the result of a number of different factors from compensatory stress on the back because of a lack of strength or mobility elsewhere to stress manifesting itself as physical pain.

The great thing is we have you covered for both at BroFlo. Every BroFlo class incorporates postures which take the spine in all its planes of movement as well as lots of strengthening and lengthening of all the surrounding musculature.

BroFlo also incorporates plenty of stress reducing breathing exercises that could help you distance yourself from the pain entirely.

If you are in any doubt as to your suitability contact your GP, or get in touch, I’d be happy to answer any queries.

BroFlo Yoga Myths Busted Myth 6 Yoga is only for women Fitness Belfast.png

And last but not least in this little series is one I still hear...

Myth 6: "Yoga is only for women"

I understand that many guys feel that yoga is just too feminine or most of the people who practice in their local studio are female and this may well be true.

BroFlo however aims to create an environment where guys new to yoga can practice together, experience the immense physical and mental benefits and then feel confident and capable to continue practicing where ever they like.

Besides if its good enough for guys like LeBron JamesJoe RoganDavid Beckham and even Stone Cold Steve Austin, then it should be good enough for you! Gimme a HELL YEAH!

If you have any questions about BroFlo Yoga for Guys, just get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!