50 veggie things to do in May for National Vegetarian Week!

It’s the Vegetarian Society’s #NationalVegetarianWeek 13 - 19th May 2019, and they’ve put together ‘50 veggie things to do in May’ as some super simple inspiration!

Here’s some of my fave ideas…

15 & 16 – Grab something veggie to go & Order veggie when you eat out

An awesome way to test the water if you’re not so confident you’ll rustle up something delicious in your kitchen, AND a great way to get inspiration for your future culinary adventures!

If you’re in Belfast, you’ll find some of my favourite places for eating veggie / vegan here - there are LOADS more, so also keep an eye on my Vegan Belfast Instagram Story - I’ll keep adding them!

28 – Make a BOSH! recipe!

Just last week I was banging on about BOSH! TV - their ideas and recipes on social, their website, and their YouTube seem to never end and are always super simple and delicious! Check out my BOSH! inspired SUPER SIMPLE SWEET POTATO GUACAJACKS as a handy snack / light meal!

25 – Take on the burger taste test

I do love a burger. But the fact that there at least 10 different kinds of burger recipes on my site is surprising even to me! So go on, have a browse of my Vegetarian & Vegan Burger Collection, and let me know what you think - enjoy!

10 – Share a photo of your veggie shopping

Nothing better on a Monday than doing a big shop. And I’ve often seen the folk in Lidl or Tesco or Iceland or wherever having a sneaky peek as to what’s going on in the trolley - a lovely lady in Lidl the other day even asked me “so what would you do with an aubergine?”.

I do get it that suddenly shopping for vegetarian & vegan food can be a bit daunting, so here’s My Vegan Basics Shopping List and My Asia Supermarket Belfast Top Vegan & Veggie Picks to get you started!

41 – Have a veggie packed lunch

Especially as it’s coming up to the summer and nicer weather, you want to spend your lunch hour in the park or at least out and about from the stuffy office. What better time saving (and money saving) accessory than a packed lunchbox?! Here’s some of my fave simple DIY vegan lunchbox ideas - go forth and enjoy the sun! (Please use suncream)

Those are just some of National Vegetarian Week’s 50 veggie things to do in May - have a go at them, or get even more inspo below - have an awesome month!