FinTrU's Febulous February!

FinTrU's Truly Febulous February!

FinTrU do an incredible job of cultivating a sense of community in their workplace through the use physical activity. Staff are encouraged and given the resources to experience the very many work related benefits that regular exercise can bring, with our long running weekly yoga classes obviously a personal fave of mine.

Last month, they also held a company wide initiative entitled Truly Febulous encouraging staff to submit video or photographic evidence highlighting their attempts at stepping outside comfort zones, getting moving as part of a group and generally being Febulous 😂

I was chuffed to spend Friday morning like a Britains Got Talent judge shifting through the very many incredible entries. Everything from mindful lunchtime walks, to rollerskating at the mac, to cha-cha-sliding HIIT classes, to total wipeout @wearevertigobelfast , to yoga classes, to youtube worthy coordinated videos with tennis balls.

This is only our second year of Febulous but with the competitive spirit alive and well in FinTrU everyone fully embraced the theme of collaboration. With increasingly creative entries throughout the month, I was very glad not to be on our judging panel who had an unenviable task at the end of the month. The buzz around Febulous across all of our offices has been amazing and I’ve heard plans are already being formulated for next year…
— Kathy Bell, FinTrU Talent Acquisition Manager, and TrU Wellness Lead

We obviously chose winners (and worthy ones at that) but the biggest takeaway from the initiative for me was CORPORATE WELLNESS WORKS! Staff love it and everyone benefits.

If you are thinking of adding exercise or yoga classes to the workplace, or would just like a chat about how getting your staff moving may be of benefit, check out my Wellness at Work section, or get in touch - I’d love to help.


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