Chatting yoga at work on BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan Show 🙏🏻

Thanks Nolan Show superstars Vinny Hurrell & Nicola Weir for having me on BBC Radio Ulster this morning talking yoga at work, and trying out some quick desk moves!

On average, we sit for 9 hours a day, and over 65% of us suffer from that lack of movement - physically & mentally. As little as 2 mins of yoga - or any other movement you feel like :) - per hour can begin to help us out.

Check out my Nolan Yoga Instagram Story for more do-at-your-desk poses, or get in touch to chat about wellness in the workplace 🙏🏻

Can't see the video? Listen to Nolan Show on PlayerFM - "The cat & cow or the downward dog? - the average person sits for 9 hours a day but two minutes of yoga could counteract the damage. Would you give it a go?"

"According to new research from GSK Global Pain Index, at least 65% of people suffer from this kind of body pain every week. Nearly 70% (67%) say pain decreases their quality of life, affecting their wellbeing, social life, professional life or even love life. 77% of people say that their pain makes them feel more anxious, and over a quarter (30%) rediscover the joy of life only once their pain stops.

More than half of Brits (54%) choose to ignore this pain, but could reduce their risk by a quarter (25%) simply through regular movement. Getting up and doing as little as a 2-minute walk, stretch or boogie every hour has been proven to improve both physical and mental health and increase longevity. Even active people could spend more time sitting than they realise, with research showing how often you move is just as important as exercising regularly."