3 Steps to great tasting & healthy nutribullet hummus (That may or may not look like a poop emoji 💩)

Step 1 - Roast some chickpeas & garlic (red peppers also a great addition) in a little olive oil, cumin, & sea salt.

Step 2 - After 10-15 mins remove & pop in your #nutribullet with some tahini & maybe a little water.

Step 3 - Blitz for 10-15 seconds, remove & enjoy.

Extra whippy texture comes with practice so keep practicing. Roasted carrots, aubergine, peppers & even sweet potato all make great tasting additions to the recipe but its best you use this base.

Great for dipping vegetables or toasted pitta into as a lunchtime snack or as an accompaniment to your evening meal.

Enjoy 👱🏻