😋Supergreen breakfast smoothie🌿

🍲 If i have a super early start I like to Kickstart my day with a simple smoothie that I can throw together in 2 minutes. Something like this awesome little mix I had the other day combining lots of greens, some fruit & little almond milk for a low effort high energy alternative to the 10-15 minutes it might take to prepare a belly warming hot bowl of porridge.
💨 To make I blitzed the following ingredients in my nutribullet.
🥒 Large slice of cucumber
🍌 banana
🌿 large handful of kale
🥜 little bit of peanut butter
🥛 300 ml of almond milk
🥜 sprinkle nuts on top
🙋🏼‍♂️ Anyone else like to kickstart their day with a smoothie and wanna share some recipes? Pop em in the comments below 👇

Supergreen Breakfast Smoothie