Join me on my Greatest Hips Tour!

Coming to a yoga mat or living room floor at your home very soon! An accessible yet super effective sequence of postures targeting the hips & surrounding areas.

Because like Shakira once said “your hips don’t lie” and tightness and stress in the hips could well lead to compensatory stress in the low back, hamstrings or anywhere really.

To best compliment these postures it’s great to practice in a quiet space with a couple of soothing Balearic beats to serenade you through.

Instead of focusing on finding a “deep sensation of stretch” turn your attention inward, focus on the simple rhythm of your breath. Follow your inhales, follow your exhales and notice how your body changes shape as you breathe.

If your breathing becomes compromised or your mind starts to wander, bring it back to a comfortable space and follow once more.

Check out the pics below or on instagram (where there might be a few more tips) - and as always, grab a second opinion from your GP before starting if you are dealing with chronic stress or pain.