Yoga for gamers & desk worker bees!

Put your controller or computer away for a few minutes – that email can wait & Dr Robotnik will still be there when you come back to your mega drive.

Indulge me in a sequence of yoga postures here whilst we counteract the negative effects of rounding your shoulders & upper back all day!

To best compliment these postures it’s great to practice in a quiet space with a couple of soothing Balearic beats to serenade you through.

Instead of focusing on finding a “deep sensation of stretch” turn your attention inward, focus on the simple rhythm of your breath. Follow your inhales, follow your exhales and let future stresses pass you bye.

If your breathing becomes compromised or your mind starts to wander back to Sonic, bring it back to a comfortable space and follow once more.

Once completed, return to your email, complete Sonic the Hedgehog & finish the rest of your day lulling in the bliss a regular yoga practice can bring.

Check out the pics below or on instagram (where there might be a few more tips) - and as always, grab a second opinion from your GP before starting if you are dealing with chronic stress or pain.