5 reasons why (Outdoor!) Kickstart Bootcamp is awesome & you should definitely join!

OMG its almost time for Belfast’s biggest, longest running, most funn-ist, sweat inducing, laughter promoting killer outdoor exercise programme - Fitness Belfast Kickstart Bootcamp!

If you’re reading this and never heard of Kickstart Bootcamp or Fitness Belfast, then hi! - my name is Gary & I have been leading the good folks of Belfast and beyond through super fun workouts at Ormeau Park for 7 years now - fusing my own blend of large group cardio, classic circuit style training and old school sports day activities to keep you sweating and smiling toward your fitness goals these summer months.

The latest round of Kickstart Bootcamp starts on 14th May for 8 weeks, If your kinda on the fence and unsure as to whether this 8 week programme is for you, then here are what I see as the 5 biggest reasons you should give Kickstart Bootcamp a try!

1 – Kickstart Bootcamp is for everyone

I have designed the Kickstart Bootcamp programme with a wide range of abilities in mind and I am proud to say that I have had all abilities join Kickstart Bootcamp over the years.

From those who have been inactive for maybe decades, to elite athletes, to even folk training to joining the military, attend classes in the last few years.

So whether you are looking to use Kickstart Bootcamp to compliment your existing exercise habits, or begin exercising for the first time in a while, whether you are super fit, or yet to get fit, Kickstart Bootcamp could be for you, and I’d love to have you come along & join in the fun.

2 – Kickstart Bootcamp is OUTDOORS

We all know the benefits of exercising in the great outdoors, yet we seem to shy away for fear of ridicule or perhaps feeling overwhelmed with where to start.

Kickstart Bootcamp could be the catalyst you need to embrace Belfasts crazy weather shifts and experience the benefits a closer connection to nature can bring. Kickstart Bootcamp takes place as scheduled each and every week regardless of the weather. Yes that means that despite having had a truly incredible run of good luck weather wise, we have experienced everything from snow, rainbows, sunshine, sunblock needing and raincoat wearing near shivering madness.

I can honestly say some of the most fun I have had in my life has been the nights that it has pelted us down with rain!

3 – Kickstart Bootcamp could help you lose weight!

People attend Kickstart Bootcamp with a wonderfully wide range of fitness goals in mind, BUT I reckon the most popular goal is weight loss.

While I choose not to make super eye catching statements about weight loss I promise you this, if you are looking to lose weight, I will try my very best to provide you with an enjoyable and supportive environment in which to do so.

Combine Kickstart Bootcamp with some habitual changes to diet and lifestyle and I am confident that you, like hundreds before you, could find that Kickstart Bootcamp is the catalyst you need to thrive on your weight loss journey.

4 – Kickstart Bootcamp could help you decrease stress and improve mental wellbeing

The most consistent feedback that I receive from the Bootcamp Superstars (regulars), is that it is just GOOD FUN.

I expect everyone to work hard of course, but classes are structured so that we sweat and smile in equal amounts, I am not the drill sergeant type - I will NOT make you drop & give me 20 if you need an extra bit of rest, so there is really no need to fear.

Moving outdoors has been shown to reduce depressive feelings, and increase self esteem (Barton and Petty, 2010), and this really is the reason that I created Kickstart Bootcamp in the first place. I started exercising outdoors many years ago to rid myself of the constant gym grind, and would tell anyone who would listen that I felt great! Pretty soon people started to join me, and fast forward 7 years and we have over 100 people attend classes over the summer months each year!

5 – Kickstart Bootcamp is a community

Two words: Bootcamp Superstars.

At Kickstart Bootcamp my aim is to use exercise to cultivate a supportive and empowering community that thrives over the summer months. 

Everyone who attends is partnered with a friend, or encouraged to work with newbie, so that casual conversation and craic flows throughout the sessions and we all encourage each other to overcome any fears or exhaustion. 

And over the last 7 years we’ve shared experiences from over enthusiastic dogs invading our patch and trying to steal medicine balls, to full day long hikes to the Mourne Mountains, Cavehill, Glenariff and more together as a group - it’s maybe my proudest achievement that many of those who have attended have formed life long friendships with people they met at Kickstart Bootcamp.

Years ago, I started calling this crew the Bootcamp Superstars - which is cheesy, but it stuck, so tough - it stays!

So – what are you waiting for - get signed up here and see you in the park!