❄️Winter chill leg workout

😤 Get outdoors & try this awesome workout using nothing but your own body, 5 awesome leg exercises & deeply rhythmic breaths as your guide.
🕺 Jumping jacks x 45s (why is this so dark lol)
🏋️ Squats x 45s
💪 Alternating Lunges x 45s
🙅🏼‍♂️ Single leg hip hinge x 45s
🙏 Yogi squat x 45s
🤔 Repeat circuit x 3-5
😊 To control the movement through each sequence try inhaling deeply through the nose & exhaling slowly out the mouth. Use the pace of your breath to dictate your tempo or strengthen your position whilst holding. Should breathing become compromised or you feel any lingering tension or pain... CALL IT QUITS!
📖 Disclaimer - This workout can obviously be enjoyed anywhere but why not kick the leaves between your toes, embrace the chill & get outside & enjoy in your garden, your favourite park or even up Cavehill 😂
🔥 Perfect as a fiery warmup to a more strenuous leg workout or completed multiple times as a workout of its own.
🙋🏼‍♂️enjoy responsibly 🙄

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