Flex & Flexible - Yoga for Leg Day!

Hands up if your hamstrings feel like banjo strings after a heavy leg day at the gym sometimes?

The following sequence of postures could help satisfy the need of gym buffs to find tension & build strength in the back of thighs, whilst also complimenting it with space to ease stress and lengthen tense muscles - cus a balanced yoga practice can most definitely do both!

To best compliment these postures it’s great to practice in a quiet space with a couple of soothing Balearic beats to serenade you!

If your breathing becomes compromised or your mind starts to wander bring it back to a comfortable place and settle in again breathing in through nose & out through the mouth.

Check out the pics below or on instagram (where there might be a few more tips) - and as always, grab a second opinion from your GP before starting if you are dealing with chronic stress or pain.