Detox Schmetox

As January rapidly approaches, social media and the media in general is overrun with products promising to get us looking and feeling healthy. Magic potions, pills, detoxes & juices all just waiting for you to part with your hard earned cash in exchange for a tiny waistline, bigger biceps or slim thighs – perfect!

Except, eh, maybe not.

The process is a cyclical one, as January approaches we see a product everywhere that is supposed to rapidly change our body composition, “melt body fat” and put a smile on our face. We spend our money on the product, try it for a while, and maybe even get results, but never really change our habits, and low and behold we do the same thing next Christmas.

I use the word “we” because I’ve been there too. I’ve tried the tummy trimming weight loss belts, the high caffeine fat burners, I’ve went from a bulging waste line and 30% body fat, right down to extreme dieting and sub 10% body fat.

So I know they don’t work long-term. What I’ve found has worked is a dedication to educating myself and finding out what works best long-term for me. Maintaining long-term health is about adhering to a lifestyle, and making small un-flashy changes each week. Maybe incorporating new foods and experimenting in the kitchen, or just trying some new activities. But most importantly, figuring out what works for you – that’s what will ultimately make you happier in your own body, and stick to things long-term.

For me – it’s structured exercise most days, yoga a couple of times a week, cooking, getting enough sleep, and some disco dancing in my downtime. I spend time each day sourcing and preparing good plant based food from scratch, (I’m veggie), trying new things and creating meals that keep me, and those close to me happy and full up. So when I visit my Granny and she force feeds me 4 Kit Kats and a Wagon Wheel, I enjoy them absolutely guilt free.

So if your crystal ball is showing a January where you’re looking to change your body composition, please try and think logically. If pills, detoxes, juices and whatever else haven’t worked in the past, what makes you think it will work this year?

It might be a long-term process, and that’s ok – you and your health should be forefront in your plan so don’t forget about the other factors apart from diet that you also need to consider. Are you stressed? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising correctly? Are you well hydrated? Each of these areas are equally important in determining your success – no magic pill or plan will help all those things long term.

If that all seems sensible, but you don’t have a clue where you might start to change your lifestyle - its nothing to be ashamed of. You can just find someone like me (or preferably just me lol) who knows what they are talking about, and get them to help. Lucky for you, fitness and foods are my passions (and Darts, definitely Darts), and I have the experience and education to help you enforce some of the changes to your lifestyle you feel are necessary.

If you're thinking about making some changes beyond Christmas, or perhaps thinking of a gift for a loved one you feel may benefit from my advice, why not have a think about working with me. Like most of you, I enjoy a new challenge in January and so I’m opening up these packages to work with 2 maybe 3 passionate new clients in 2015.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or would perhaps like to purchase either plan for yourself or as a gift voucher, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Christmas, and soon Happy New Year!