Yoga block core workout! 🙏

Check out this awesome core workout using a yoga block as a prop & deeply rhythmic breaths as your guide.

🔪Jacknife x 10
🚣🏿 Row the boat (pause either side) x 10
💪 Knees in crunch(block between thighs) x 10
😮 Stiff leg crunch x 10
🐦 Crow crunch x 10
🤔 Repeat sequence a few times.
😊 To control the movement through each sequence try inhaling deeply through the nose & exhaling slowly out the mouth. Use the pace of your breath to dictate your tempo & should breathing become compromised or you feel any lingering tension or pain... CALL IT QUITS!
📖 Disclaimer - Core specific training like this is awesome but will achieve little when used in isolation. This sequence is best used as a firey warmup to a more strenuous yoga practice or to round out a balanced compound resistance workout.

Enjoy responsibly!