Fitness Belfast Gift Vouchers


Why not give that special someone the gift of change in the form of a Fitness Belfast gift voucher this year? 

That way, in the New Year they can work with me to develop a greater understanding of the skills required to ditch the old habits and develop a new healthier lifestyle that will have them eating, sleeping and moving a little better. I excel at helping those that perhaps lack the skillset or know how to overcome the physiological and psychological barriers to controlling their weight and having a healthy positive relationship with their own body.

Think you know someone that I can help?

Check out the range of packages below, and any questions just get in touch!

Fitness Belfast Kickstart Bootcamp Gift Voucher.png

Fitness Belfast 8 week New Year Kickstart Bootcamp

My 8 week Kickstart Bootcamp programme provides a hugely supportive foundation for those who may be nervous about commencing a new active lifestyle in 2018 or may be overwhelmed with where to start.

Everyone on board works hard, however the classes are structured on sweating and smiling in equal amounts! Kickstart Bootcamp combines the immense physical benefits of cardiovascular and resistance training, with a deeply grounding weekly yoga practice, and is perfect for those hoping to:
    •    Improve weight management skills
    •    De-stress and improve mental well being
    •    Increase strength and flexibility
    •    Meet new people
    •    Most importantly - have fun!

This voucher covers 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks! 

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Fitness Belfast Personal Training Gift Voucher.png

Fitness Belfast 5 session Kickstart New Year Plan

My #KICKSTARTNEWYEAR plan is an introduction into one on one coaching and the lifestyle required to successfully achieve your goals. Through an in depth & in person consultation I can develop a plan that is not only reflective of your current skills and habits, but also helps you to fine tune those skills and habits to better suit your goals.

This is achieved through 5 x 1 hour personal training sessions culminating in a bespoke exercise plan customised for your computer or Smartphone that allows you to continue to use the exercises long after your fifth session.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:
    •    Pre-training and in person 30 minute consultation
    •    Five one-hour, one on one personal training sessions
    •    Bespoke exercise plan designed to suit your goals & lifestyle compatible (w) smart device.
    •    Re-assessment of body composition on completion of 5 sessions
    •    Further advice on how best to continue

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Fitness Belfast BroFlo Gift Voucher.png

Fitness Belfast 8 week New Year Kickstart BroFlo

BroFlo is beginner styled yoga, designed for guys curious about developing a regular yoga practice, but who might be unsure or overwhelmed with where to start.

BroFlo will place accessible and challenging yoga poses in breath led sequences developed to build strength and suppleness in body and calmness and clarity of the mind. 

BroFlo is perfect for those seeking to:
    •    Increase flexibility and range of movement for sport
    •    Improve technique and whole body awareness
    •    Increase core strength and control
    •    Release pain and stress
    •    Improve posture and alignment
    •    Improve breath control
    •    Feel grounded and more balanced
    •    Enjoy clarity and stillness in the mind

This voucher covers 2 x 75 minute sessions per week for 8 weeks! 

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